Some time ago, in collaboration with Peter Senge, Tracy Benson, Michael Fullan, Bob Kegan and Joanne Quinn, we reflect on what would be the current educational standards, concerning the meeting rescued some notes that Peter Senge has written and that I consider important to put on the table:

  • To create the schools of the future, everyone – adults and students alike – need to be learners.
  • Ongoing innovation in curriculum, instruction and assessment,
  • Sophistication in whole system change, and
  • High-leverage capacity building to develop leaders at all levels – teachers, principals, superintendents and boards, and the larger community, including students.

We have to remember that businesses need people

  • Who can think,
  • Who can work together to solve complex problems,
  • Who can excel atnon-routine cognitive and productive work, and
  • Who are self-motivated learners with a foundation of personal maturity that can help them to sort out the complex ethical issues they will face as workers and citizens.

As Peter Senge says “Such skills are not the fantasy of idealistic educators. They are the requirements of increasingly knowledge-intensive businesses”.

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