Why our high schools need the arts? is the title of Jessica Hoffman´s book, written in 2008. In her own words the author explains some of the learning outcomes from her book:

“Why Our Schools Need the Arts is a manifesto for what I am calling a new kind of advocacy, one that doesn’t try to fit the arts into whatever shoe is being worn this year in mainstream education. With that in mind, I take a look at what it is arts learning specifically provides, without concern for what it may or may not do for learning in other subjects (transfer) or whether these outcomes lend themselves to quantitative measurement—the standardized kind in which all our mainstream shoes are wrapped at this time. Indeed, I remind the reader that in most contexts it is what is beyond measure that has most value. Briefly outlined, here are three of the five features of the arts and the consequent learning outcomes that I pinpoint: 1) the tangibility of the arts-the presence of a something that was not there before the artist/student created it. From this emerge the learning outcomes of imagination (possibilities that the student invents and/or considers) and agency (the student’s central role in effecting these ends). 2) A focus on emotion, out of which students learn about expression (giving shape to their own feelings) and empathy (recognizing the emotions of others). 3) Ambiguity—the arts deliberate delivery of multiple meanings from which students learn about interpretation (making sense) and respect (for others’ sense making)“.

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